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Welcome to iframeuhang!

My name is Gasey Baffsky and I offer a very unique and beautiful framing service.
I use a combination of mirror glass and gorgeous marble glass colours as borders around prints, photographs, posters, mirrors and chalkboards and the results are simply stunning. I am the only framer in Melbourne able to offer this framing technique.
I am a custom framer so you can have your prints, mirrors, posters or photographs custom framed to blend in perfectly with your decor, or you can purchase ready made prints and mirrors directly from my website.
I love bright beautiful colours and always try to be as creative as possible, aiming to make pieces that are unique or unusual.
One of my unique designs is to place 2, 3 or 4 photographs or similarly themed prints in the one frame, all divided by mirror glass. Aside from looking amazing, having numerous pieces in the one frame allows for those short of wall space to easily display their pieces with limited clutter.

I also make chalkboards for restaurants or cafes to use for menus and specials, and mirror/chalkboard combos for the family home where one side is a mirror and the other a chalkboard. These pieces usually combine mirror glass and marble glass colours that is not just eye catching but functional too.

One of my most special designs, known as ‘choppies’, has randomly shaped triangular pieces cut from prints and replaced with mirror glass. This unique design was exclusively created by me with wonderful effect.
If you’re looking for something a little different, you can order a personalised mirror. Each mirror will display the name of your choice and is a great gift idea.
All pieces created at iframeuhang are designed and hand crafted by me and each piece can take up to 4 hours to complete. They are all made with care and precision.
If you’d like to be placed on a mailing list which will be used solely to advise of new pieces, specials and offers, please text or email me.
My customers will always come first, so however you purchase from me, I truly hope that you’ll love your piece and that it will bring you endless enjoyment and much inspiration.
Gasey x

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